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Join the growing movement of humans who are taking back their health and self reliance through growing their own food. I incorporate powerful mindfulness and yoga practices to support your entire journey.

Your journey to a happier body, healthier mind and higher energy vibrations should be full of curiosity and joy. Take an online class and learn how to transform the way you feel through yoga and growing your own abundant garden!

Your Dream Garden Is One Step Away

Learn Gardening

Your complete guide to understanding how to create, nurture and grow a thriving garden that is uniquely yours from start to finish.

In this online gardening course bundle, you will gain a clear path from deciding what you should grow before you ever stick a seed in the ground, to understanding each plant’s watering, disease and pest management care, the ideal time to harvest, what to do with it all, extending your season, saving seeds, organic gardening & time management best practices, and so much more!

lindsay warne harvesting from her urban organic gardening school
lindsay warne is a yoga alliance certified teacher with online yoga classes

Practices For A Strong Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

Through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda we can reconnect to own natural energetic rhythms, build strength and flexibility, and gain powerful mindset tools to support our mental health. 

I have used both my yoga practice and the organic food grown in my garden to maintain my health for over a decade. Both support my body, mind and spirit, and have provided me powerful tools to navigate life when it gets tough.

Don’t take your health for granted, you never know how good it is until it’s gone.

Essential Oils

Working with natural plant medicines is vitally important to reconnect us with the earth. It allows us to heal, is many cases, without the use of pharmaceuticals. 

I use Young Living essential oils in diffuser blends. I have created all of my own cleaning products, as well as pest remedies for houseplants with essential oils.

One of my favourite ways to use oils is for medicinal purposes such as colds, headaches, menstrual cramps, allergies, energy and the list goes on. Each essential oil comes from a plant and with it brings that unique plants energy. In some cases one plant can generate multiple essential oils depending on the part that it is harvested from such as the root, fruit or leaf. 

Using essential oils topically in rollers or in my moisturizer is my absolute favourite. After many years of creating and recommending various essential oil blends to friends and families, I created my own signature collection of blends.

lindsay warne mixing young living essential oil roller bottles using her custom essential oil blends

What My Students Are Saying

"Lindsay has all of the information so well organized. She is able to break it down into easily digestible chunks and has tons of little bits of info sprinkled in for when you want to go deeper. Her beginning steps make it easy to get started, and lots of great info even for an experienced gardener."
Liz Foy
Reiki Teacher & Urban Chicken Mom
“After I completed the program I felt so much confidence going forward with my planting. I learned about dirt, square foot gardening, companion planting, and so much more!! I now have my own compost, and a garden that is flourishing. I also am able to garden organically, which is very important for me and my family. On top of all my knowledge, I have been able to teach my daughters how to garden, and we enjoy maintaining the garden together. I would recommend this program to ANYONE who wants to gain so much knowledge associated with gardening.”
Jillian Coady
Urban Gardening Mom Of Two
"Just buy it! You won't find a better course and a better teacher. She is so accessible. The course is massive and it shows you why you are killing your plants."
Rita Viana
Biz Coach & VA

It's Time To Get Gardening

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lindsay warne is a gardening teach, here she is with tomato plant in her organic garden

It's Nice To Meet You!

I am Lindsay Warne, a passionate plant momma, urban gardener, permaculture designer, as well as devoted yoga practitioner and teacher. 

Join me for my adventures as I share tips to help you have a happier body, healthier mind and higher energy vibrations through mindfulness practices such as yoga, the healing properties of food, and growing a sustainable organic garden using ecologically design practices. You will often find me in yoga clothes or with dirt on my face (or most likely both!).

Lindsay Warne | Gardening Tips, Permaculture Designer

Saskatchewan Zone 3a. Newby homesteader. Food Preserving. Indoor Growing. Dreamer, Nature Lover. Yoga Teacher @mindful_living_movement
Garden w/ me ⬇️

Two fun things about crazy hot days..
#1 when you find a sweet new gardening hat to where
#2 when it gets too hot for manual labour you can still chill in the shade and not get eaten by bugs cuz it’s too hot for them too!
Didn’t mean to but was up before the sun this morning and got to be out in the meadow watering tees as the sun came up. The fog was still sitting in the low spots. Love the quiet of the early morning and not boiling in the sun watering trees for 3 hrs!
What do you love about hot days?
Who knew that putting away your dried herbs could be so exciting.
If you watched my stories you will have seen that I had to throw away all of the basil because it didn’t dry and grew mold instead.
I also decided to mix up different types of herbs on the same string line so that they didn’t hang down as long while drying. That totally backfired because identifying things like basil, lemon balm, and mint, when they all look very similar is harder than one would think when they are dried. Literally had to smell every single tiny bundle to confirm what was what.
Just goes to show no matter how many times you’ve done some thing. There is always something to be learned from the process.
One thing that I’ve been trying to do this year is getting ahead of the thrips. I find that usually about mid season the thrip damage starts to show up on lots of different herbs and can end up ruining the harvest.
So this year I decided that I would harvest right now. I harvested a whole bunch, while everything is in its prime, as I like to use things dried most often above everything else throughout the winter.
Everything else I dried thankfully had no issues so still off to a good start.
It feels good to put away good quality food. It’s not without work… and a nice big mess (pic 2 😝) but worth it. I think.
So here goes 21 chicken broth jars into the pantry. Thanks @coolspringsranch for the chicken soup bones!