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Hey! I am Lindsay Warne, a passionate plant momma, former urban gardener turned aspiring homesteader, permaculture designer as well as devoted yoga practitioner and teacher.

I have been practicing yoga for 18 years and I took my 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training in 2017. My organic garden has been continually expanding over the last 10 years and I have very fond memories of spending time in between the rows of peas in my grandma’s garden as a kid.

Through my yoga practice and growing organic food I have been able to get rid of all pharmaceuticals from my life.

I have suffered from insomnia since I was very young and at one time it was bad enough that it involved an addiction to sleeping pills. I have been diagnosed with IBS and I am lactose intolerant. Both had required medication for a long time. I am happy to say that by using the awareness of myself gained from my yoga practice, and growing as much of my own organic foods as I can, I have not required any medications for a very long time. In fact my doctor doesn’t even ask anymore if I need my prescriptions refilled.

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It was a big journey and a shocking one when you start to research what is in the foods we eat today and the staggering consequences on our health as a result.

Hearing over and over again how our food doesn’t have the nutrition density it used to and that it’s full of pesticides, preservatives and other nasty chemicals made me want to give up on trying to live a healthier life.

It felt very daunting. Fortunately I am stubborn (for better & worse) and refused to accept that is how we have to live now.

I like to read labels, do research and REALLY understand what I am consuming. Honestly, it’s very interesting but also kind of exhausting. I decided the best solution was to take control of the whole entire process wherever I can. This meant growing my own food.

lindsay warne is an organic gardening teacher, this is her urban garden

It has been many years, a lot of research, trials and errors but I now grow an abundant garden, that is my own little sanctuary, in my yard in town.

I don’t have a giant plot out in the country. In fact, most of my garden is actually kind of sneaky and grown in flower beds all throughout my yard. All total I am growing food on about 1200 sq ft as well as my newly developed (and ever growing) indoor garden.

I grow organically with an abundance of flowers using my own funky version of companion planting combined with square foot gardening.

It has created the most beautiful and comforting space that I never get bored of, continuously in wonder of the amazing creatures that pollinate my plant babies, and mother nature’s powerful transformations that happen in the blink of an eye.

I have recently completed the Permaculture Design Professionals Certification through Oregon State University. 

This is something I have dreamed about doing for a long time. I am very excited to bring even more ecological landscape design practices to the forefront, and help urban and rural gardeners to expand their food production, while supporting a regenerative and biodiverse ecosystem.

This led me to create a powerful gardening mentorship course that will help you get straight to the easy solutions to feed you and your family super nutrient dense, chemical free, mouthwatering produce.

So you can start turning any available space you have into an abundant garden, big or small! I will share with you the steps that are much simpler that you would think, that you really can grow anywhere once you see the possibilities.

I wear a lot of hats, have a pretty full schedule and I will not compromise on a smaller garden to suit. You can be sure that I will teach you all my tricks on how to create a nourishing garden that fits YOUR time, space and budget. My methods are tried, tested and researched. I know they will help you create your sanctuary and provide your own basic sustenance just like they did mine!

Ready to start your journey? There are three ways to get started. 

have your garden planned for you with garden planning consultations

Take The Stress Out Of Planning Your Garden This Spring

Have your garden planned for you using your exact garden bed layout and desired plant list using companion planting, beneficial flowers and/or square foot gardening methods.

Grow Your Own Food Now Perennial & Annual Food Gardening Course

Your guide to understanding how to create, nurture and grow a thriving garden that is uniquely yours from start to finish.

This is for you if you want a clear path from deciding what you should grow before you ever stick a seed in the ground, understanding each plant’s watering, disease and pest management care, to the ideal time to harvest, what to do with it all, extending your season, saving seeds, organic gardening & time management best practices, and so much more!

online yoga classes for gardeners to live healthier

Your Strong & Healthy Body Awaits

A custom series of 10 online yoga classes designed to bring strength and flexibility to support you as you in nurturing your garden… so your garden can keep nurturing you ;)

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