Essential Oil Custom Blends

Essential oils have become a very big part of my life. I have been working with Young Living essential oils now for nearly 6 years. In the beginning I started to create blends as a way to make my house smell nice without using chemical sprays or candles. This grew to creating my own cleaning products as well as pest remedies for my plants. 

One of my favourite ways to use oils is for medicinal purposes such as colds, headaches, menstrual cramps, allergies, energy and the list goes on.

Each essential oil comes from a plant and with it brings that unique plants energy. In some cases one plant can generate multiple essential oils depending on the part that is harvested such as the root, fruit or leaf.

lindsay warne making custom essential oil roller bottle blends

Working with natural plant medicines is vitally important to reconnect us with the earth and allows us to heal any many cases without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Using EO topically in rollers or as a moisturizer is my absolute favourite. After many years of creating and recommending this potion and that to friends and families I eventually started to create my own collection of blends.

Essential Oils Roller Blends

Individual rollers can be purchased online from the store or in-person at:

Soul Sis Wellness Studio in Canora, Sk

Pure Living Yoga Emerald Park, Sk

Custom Essential Oil Event Blends

Create your own custom blends for an event. Just provide me the theme or intention and we can work together to make a one of a kind collection.

Young Living Essential Oils

I place regular orders from Young Living and keep a selection on hand if you are needing a re-stock. Always happy provide recommendations as well!

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