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Fast Stress Relief With This 2 Minute Breath Work Practice

We all need easy, fast stress relief practices. This is so simple and so powerful.

This is for you if you are…

Feeling super tired or heavy?

Feeling super wired?

Feeling the anxiety sitting on your chest?

Feel stressed and having a hard time relaxing?

Then this practice is for you!

This is one of my favourite tools for stress and anxiety relief.

This breath work practice goes by the name Nadi Shodhana in Sanskrit, in english that translates to balanced breathing. It is simple and very effective. This is part of the breathing practice of yoga known as pranayama.

You don’t need to know anything about how the energy patterns work in your body, or have ever done breath work like this before. Do the work and you will experience it. That’s my only ask. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fast Stress Relief Breath Work Steps:

Find something comfortable to sit on where your spine can be tall and elongated. You are also welcome to stand but ideally sitting as this tends to be more relaxing for the nervous system.

Repeat the pattern shown in the video as long as you can. Start with 4 repetitions and work up to 5 minutes or longer. Setting a timer is a good idea to help you stay focused on your breathing. Can be done literally anywhere, anytime you need it.

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Practice this full length yoga practice to unwind stressors through the whole body. Watch the full class by clicking this link here.

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