Your Personalized Gardening Consultations

These consultations are your time to ask any specific questions about your garden, your houseplants or even have me plan out your garden for you.

This is for you if you feel like you have some gardening knowledge and ideas but you need help taking it to the next level.

Perhaps you are unsure if what you desire is going to be a good fit within your lifestyle and desired amount of maintenance. Let me help you answer those questions and more.

*More details below.

lindsay warne's gardening consultation service helps you plan your garden easily

Gardening Consultation Services

Garden Planning Consultation

*Most popular in the spring time!
Best if you have some gardening experience as this is just the garden plan created for you. *Additional follow up questions on plant growing tips and other troubleshooting (beyond the initial session) would require an additional consultation. Alternately, If you are feeling like you are not at this stage yet (you have never grown a garden or maybe once or twice but it didn’t go so good) and want to learn the basics from the ground up (pun intended hehe) then I invite you to check out my Complete Gardening Season Course Bundle that is everything you will need to know about gardening from the beginning of the season right to the end. There is a full season mentorship option where we get to work together for the whole entire season!

Mid-Season Gardening Support Call

There is nothing worse than having something come up mid-season and not knowing what to do about it. We can troubleshoot over zoom what is happening and how to get your garden back on course.

Indoor Gardening & Seed Starting

Learn how to set up an indoor growing space with what you already have, how to improve your current set up. We discuss best practices and tips for the specific plants you want to grow.

Houseplant Care & Troubleshooting

Whether you are new to houseplants and looking to find the easy to care for plants for your space, or are troubleshooting plant problems this is for you. We can discuss organic indoor pest management strategies, both prevention and control.

* These are a few of the different types consultations that I get the most requests for. You are definitely not limited to these. These are individualized to just what you need!

Hop on a short discovery call with me to determine what the best fit would be for your needs!

Let’s Chat. No Obligation

Garden Planning Consultation: Get Your Garden Planned For You!

These book up really fast in the spring. Be sure to book your session early!

This is for you if:

  • You have some gardening and plant growing experience but planning out an appropriate garden using organic methods that fits your space and schedule sends you into overwhelm.

  • The guessing in previous seasons where everything should go left you mixed results in the garden and this year you want to plant confidently.

  • You're looking for creative ways to bring beneficial flowers into your garden both for beauty and to help support your vegetables.

  • Your schedule got busy and you want a cute coloured coded garden plan to follow that fits your unique space with your must grow a plant list so you can get straight to planting.

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been gardening, the planning process at the start of the season is a big deal.

It can still be filled with stress, confusion and make your head spin with all the potential places you can plant things. Not to mention factoring in the sun you have, ideal placement for each plant type, companion planting and beneficial flowers.

Gardening isn’t one size fits all, but can sometimes seem that way. This is about creating a growing space with what YOU have for space, time and budget. 

We will work together to help you create a foolproof plan to kick off your gardening season successfully, and most importantly without the confusion and stress.

I will create an easy, actionable garden plan for you to follow so you know exactly what to buy and where to plant it. 

I use companion planting, beneficial flowers with my own creative square foot gardening method to create a unique gardening space just for you.

A successful garden starts with a plan. I am here to help you with yours!

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60 min session = $120 CAD

(Includes 30 minutes discovery call to discuss the specifics of what you are looking for, garden drawing and all supporting documents)

lindsay warne gardening consultations, how to plan a garden easily

In Each Garden Planning Consultation You Will Receive:

  • Initial 20-30 minute garden planning discovery call to discuss your goals for your garden are, your experience growing in past seasons and to confirm this is the right fit! 
  • I will send you a few homework items to gather the info needed to create the garden plan that is uniquely your own.
  • A 60 minute session over Zoom to go over your garden plan, refine and make any adjustments, most importantly make sure any questions about your garden plan are answered!
  • Digital Garden Drawing based on your unique gardening space and your must grow plants.
  • Supporting documents & a master spreadsheet that gives you the key details about your plan from spacing, # of plants, variety recommendations, seed starting tips and more!

Customers reviews

“Perfectly!! Lindsay’s consultation included my personal garden desires, plant lists, sunshine chart, existing garden beds and a couple optional dream beds. The consultation included the plan, plant selection, positioning and lots of real time advice. The whole process was extremely valuable !!”
Shelly H.
Urban Home Gardener
"It's been amazing! I used the plan with little modification, which saved me huge amount of time and led me to try things I wouldn't have otherwise (e.g., broccoli, zucchini, savoury, lavender), and is so far resulting in better results than I've ever had on my own."
Sarah K.
New Home Owner With Large Urban Garden