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Grow A Pretty & Interesting Garden With These Gardening Tools & Accessories

Add visual interest, structure and maximize growing space with this list of my favourite gardening tools & accessories. Make your garden a beautiful sanctuary for yourself and nature.

I particularly like to use the trellising items listed to maximize every little bit of growing space I can. This means growing as many vegetables and flowers vertically if they will allow it (ie. they are a vining type variety).

By growing vertically you can grow up the side of a fence, building or create a cute archway or even a little hideaway for reading or kids to play in. Before you start putting anything in the ground take some time and just sit in the space and start to visualize where some vertical trellises might make it more interesting. I like to look for natural structure that are already present or sometimes a place that I would like to make more private and secluded (ie. my sanctuary).

I have added a few bonus items to this list as well. By inviting beneficial insects and animals to your garden like bees & birds further enhances natures natural balancing effect.

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This great eco-friendly cedar bird feeder hols both suet blocks on the sides and loose bird feed in the centre. You can find this bird feeder for your yard by clicking this link.

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This bright coloured sturdy bird bath with brighten up any corner of your garden. There are several different coloured options to choose fun. You can find all the options by clicking this link.

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For the fine pruning work that brings shape & beauty to your yard, garden, houseplants & succulents. I particularly like these for succulent propagation. Grab your pair by clicking this link.

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Knowing what you planted and where is key! There has been times where I forgot to mark or though I will remember what this is… well you guessed it I did not. I love wooden plant markers but also getting creative and reuse materials you already have such as fallen tree branches cut up and labeled with a marker, wine cork on a fork, cut up old yogurt containers into strips etc.

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Garden wire can be used for so many different things. I use it to tie my lattice to their supports and to tie up plants to support. I like wire as it is reusable from season to season and it is strong enough to hold the weight of trellis or heavier climbing plants like cucumber or squash (these guys do climb but often need some help).

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I use these as the trellis structure for my climbing vegetables such as beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, melons etc. I love these panels because they are heavy duty and handle lots of weight while also being something that will last many many seasons. These ones also have the option to be places vertically or horizontally depending on what you are growing. You can look for different diameter holes as well for peas and beans vs a larger hole for cucumber, squash, melons if you like.

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I currently have wooden posts that support the wire mesh but they are at the end of their life. This season I will need to replace several and I will going with a metal t-post as they are much sturdier and can handle being hammered into the ground season after season as well as hold more weight. Originally I went with wood as I didn’t have a very big budget to get me going knowing they would need an upgrade at some point.

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Depending on the size of your garden or your creativity with planting you may require different types of support or climbing structures. This 4 leg free standing one is great but you can also go with tomato cages, or bamboo accordion style. Get creative you don’t have to buy anything sometimes just some string tied to your fence is enough to encourage plants to climb.

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I use floating row covers primary on anything in the brassica (cabbage, kale, kohlrabi etc) family to keep away cabbage moths as I have not found a better easy way to organically grow these. All you need is a little bit of support and then cover the crop. You leave it on all times to keep the moths from laying eggs. You can also use this to protect delicate plants from a frost if you are expecting it.

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Sometimes all a plant needs it a stake to keep it from laying over. use your garden wire to attach plant to stake. These bamboo stakes are eco-friendly, last a really long time and are light weight.

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