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Fungus Gnats In Your houseplants: Step-by-Step Cure

The popularity of owning houseplants has positivity exploded recently. Really who doesn’t love the deep vibrant greens and feeling of nature inside your home. Especially when you have a long winter having houseplants to feed your need to plant becomes important for our mental health.

With houseplants growing in popularity so is the occurrence of fungus gnats. They happen to the best of us. Even when you are diligent with your plant care routine. I am speaking from recent experience. I always, always spray new house plants (with my organic essential oils spray ) whether they are coming in from outside, purchased from a store or another house plant enthusiast. But.. recently I brought home a new plant and completely forgot! Didn’t even cross my mind until I noticed the little buggers flying around and realized I forgot. That’s all it takes… one plant. Good news they are harmless just super annoying. So since I am currently dealing with this and I have had quite a few other friends asking what to do about this same issue I thought I would give you guys all the details on how to fix this situation.

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These guys look very similar to a fruit fly but you will notice they only have interest in your plants and hang around the plants in your house as apposed to food. They are tiny and black but with a little bit of a skinnier body than a fruit fly.


There is a few ways to go about this.

#1 First you can buy the Safers Sticky traps and put them around your plants. These are little yellow sticky papers that the fungus gnats can’t resist and get stuck to when they are in their adult flying stage. Start with the ones where you see them the most. If you have only a minor infestation this could take care of it for you without doing anything else. You just have to wait. But as you are here I’m guessing stronger measures are in order.

On to to step 2:

(still do step 1) you will want to get your self a spray bottle and fill it with 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and 3/4 water. Spray down your soil really well on top and let dry out completely (they live in moist soil so limit watering as well) do this every few days for up to a month. Between the sticky traps getting the adults and the peroxide killing the eggs you are good to go!!

Keep at it and you will win the battle!

Wishing you and your plants all the best! 😉

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