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Companion planting chart for organic vegetable gardening

My colour coded, easy to read companion planting chart tells you clearly which plants are good friends, best friends and which ones you need to keep apart.

  • Reduce pest pressure by repelling the bugs that eat your plant babies!
  • Bring pollinators right into your garden. More pollinators = more fruit.
  • Use neighboring plants to supply needed nutrients to their friends.
  • Avoid planting plants next to each other that will inhibit each others growth.
chemical free pest control recipe for organic gardening

Save Your Plants From Pests And Fungus!

These chemical free pest control recipes include my go to remedy for a wide variety of pests in the garden and on your houseplants.

This will help you with aphids, flee beetles, spider mites, mealy bugs, cabbage worms, and more!

I have also included my BONUS fungus and mildew spray recipe that I use to keep powdery mildew from devouring my precious cucumbers, squash and pumpkins.

More in-depth tutorials and guidance so you can grow MORE

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Grow Your Own Food Now:
Annual & Perennial Food Gardening Course

What if you could start building a resilient garden today that feeds your family… and dramatically reduces your ever increasing grocery bill?

Grow Your Own Food Now is a comprehensive growing system for gardeners where you’ll learn to grow more efficiently, increase your plants resiliency and maximize even the most challenging growing spaces and climates.

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Vegetable Garden Planning Mini-Course: Your Step-by-Step Design Tutorial

Create your clear, concise garden plan in no time

The overwhelm of planning a garden can get the best of even the most experienced gardeners.

Whether you are incorporating companion planting, have limited full sun, or a challenging growing space, the planning process can become totally overwhelming leading to total guess work.

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Your Essential Compost & Vermicompost Course 2.0

Compost is kind of a big deal

That’s why instead of throwing out household waste you ALREADY have. I am going to show you how to quickly turn it into that black gold your plants crave…without any stink of course!

This course is a concise framework for creating a compost system – or systems 😉 – ideally suited to your households waste output, your indoor and outdoor space and even limitations of your climate. Use these tools, insights, and strategies to transform your garden.

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Gardening Consultations

These consultations are your time to ask any specific questions about your garden, your houseplants or even have me plan out your garden for you.

This is for you if you feel like you have some gardening knowledge and ideas but you need help taking your garden to the next level or help spotting where things are going wrong.

Perhaps you are unsure if what you desire in a garden is going to be a good fit within your lifestyle and desired amount of maintenance.

Let me help you answer those questions and more.

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Online Yoga Classes

A custom series of yoga classes designed to bring strength and flexibility to the gardener. This series will support a healthier you so you can nurture that beautiful garden… so it can keep nurturing you right back with it’s bounty.

Join now to get lifetime access to this special series of classes. You will find a well rounded offering of classes designed to make you feel good, bring back the ease to your body and enjoy a slowing down of the mind.

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