Organic Pest Control Recipes

Save Your Plants From Pests And Fungus!

These chemical free pest control recipes include my go to remedy for a wide variety of pests in the garden and on your houseplants.

This will help you with aphids, flee beetles, spider mites, mealy bugs, cabbage worms, and more!

I have also included my BONUS fungus and mildew spray recipe that I use to keep powdery mildew from devouring my precious cucumbers, squash and pumpkins.

Growing plants is fun... until they get sick!

These recipes contain basic ingredients that we often already have!

The best part is how easy this is for houseplant care in the winter time. There is no option to take your plants outside to spray in the winter here. Also, do you really want to spray nasty chemicals in your house?! I just place my plants in the bathtubs and give them a good spray down!

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Your plants will be happy and healthy again.