The Signature Collection – 10 Roller Blend Bundle*

Original price was: $160.00.Current price is: $130.00.

The Signature Collection is your complete wellness kit for everything from colds remedies, hormone balancing, sleep support, energy boosting and more!


Get the entire Signature Collection and save $32!! That’s 2 rollers free.

This is perfect if you just can’t decide or to save some money on gifts. Each roller is an essential piece to have in your wellness kit creating a complete collection for everything from cold and illness remedies, hormone balancing, sinus relief, calming and sleep support, energy boosting and more! This collection is all of my own personal favourite go to blends. The ones that live in my purse and go everywhere with me. A must have!

You will receive all 10 rollers: Gypsy, Breath, Moon, Calm, Wellness, Earth, Playtime, Smiles, Pure and Mist.

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Weight.40 kg
Dimensions85 × 200 × 20 cm


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