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Radish Seed Saving: 3 Hacks For Small & Large Batch

Quickly and easily remove your radish seeds from their pods with these 3 radish seed saving hacks. 

Speed & Efficiency

You can go through each pod individually and get the seeds out of them, but in the name of efficiency and “lazy gardening”, we want to do this just as quickly as we possibly can so we can get onto all the other fun things in our garden. 

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Potato Masher Method

A large dish or plate that has higher sides to keep the pods from flying everywhere. Throw a couple handfuls in. Using your little potato masher start to put pressure on the pods to bust them up. This is going to start to loosen and knock the seeds right out of their pods. You’re not going to cause any damage just by putting some pressure on them and getting them out of their pods in this way. If you miss any, just give them a quick little rub with your fingers.

Full Smash Method

You can take out some frustration with this method of radish seed saving. You will need a bag, I like a large paper bag for this. Dump all the seeds into it. Fold over the end so none escape. Then begin smashing the pods in the bag with your fist or any other tool you like. A meat tenderizer is another good tool. You will need to smash the seeds for a lot longer inside the bag than you would think.

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Separate The Seeds From The Large Pieces

I like to use my large colander that has several different holes. The seeds fall through and most of the leftover pod pieces stay in the colander.

Final Cleaning Of Radish Seeds

Lay out the remaining seeds and chaff (the left over fluffy bits) onto a plate or large tray. Go outside and blow on the seeds very gently. The fluff will blow away easily, leaving nice clean seeds ready for storage.

There you have it. You can either separate the seeds by hand, give them a smash with a potato masher or put them into a paper bag and give them a good smash. For the largest amount of radish pods the paper bag is the best.

I hope this helps you out in your radish seed saving for next year’s garden season. If you are someone who wants a whole bunch of gardening tips and you would like to really learn how to successfully garden, right from planting the radish seeds in the ground, caring for the plants, all the way through to harvest time then my Complete Gardening Season Course Bundle is for you. You can find the full course details by clicking the link here.

Tell me about your radish seed saving experience or other seeds you like to save from your garden in the comments below!

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