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Lindsay Warne

Yoga Classes

Your transformation starts here.

Mindful strength and cardio building to stay active with your kids, not worry about lifting that heavy pot of dirt or quit your favourite activity early due to exhaustion.

Mindful flexibility to support join mobility, and ease of movement without restriction for things like getting up and down off the floor without having to use both hands, or encountering pain & stiffness for days after your favourite strenuous activities.

Mental health and mindset tools to help you maintain your calm while in stressful situations, to help you identify and honour when your feeling low and how to shift yourself into a better and healthier mental space.

Class Opportunities

Join live in-person, online or book a special session such private yoga classes or bring yoga to work with my corporate yoga packages.

meditation class with lindsay

In-Person Studio Classes

Join me in-person for a diverse range of classes from strength building to deep relaxation.

Corporate Classes

By providing a functional movement program influenced by yoga they will be more able to support the physical and emotional demands of the workplace. Whether someone is found predominantly at a desk, or their day consist of different types of physical labour, practitioners will feel the increased ease in their body and mind within weeks of a regular yoga practice.

Private Classes

A one-on-one yoga session allows you to have a yoga program custom build to your specific needs. You may be recovering from injury or seeking something deeper in your practice that you are unable to find in a group class setting.

Through this individualized attention you will receive specific modifications, assists and a class plan tailored exactly to your journey and level of practice.

This is the ultimate way to dive deeper into your practice. Yoga is an individual practice even though it is often practiced in a group setting. Let this remove you from the distractions and limitations that can come from practicing with others.

Online On-Demand Classes

Learn yoga on your own schedule, right from the comfort of your home. This unique series of online yoga classes is designed to bring balance to the outdoor enthusiast such as gardeners. This program provides both the strength building to tackle the tough jobs around your outdoor space, while also offering flexibility and relaxation to ease off the soreness from a hard days work. Choose exactly what you need, when you need it!

online yoga classes for beginners with The Mindful Living Movement

Nurture your body, mind and spirit through through my diverse offering of classes.

Check out this full free class experience to see what it is all about!

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About Lindsay

E-RYT 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher

After more than 16 years of practicing yoga I chose to take a leap and deepen my practice even further. In 2017 I went on a journey to Nepal to take my 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training in the Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga. As with most this has just fuelled my curiosity to learn more. I have since taken my Restorative Yoga teacher training as well as a variety of other training in business and gardening while continuing to dive deeper into my own personal practice. I am excited to say I have had the pleasure of teaching yoga and gardening to many amazing humans for the past 5 years in-studio, online and I now have my own on-demand yoga class series.

Mental Health & Mindset Tools

The practice of yoga becomes a deeply introspective one. Through many mindset tools I share you will become your own best doctor. You will learn what triggers you, what makes you feel alive and energetic, and what causes you to spiral into unhealthy habits. You will gain the ability to change the course your on to one that lights you up, and how to offer yourself compassion and time for healing when your feeling low.

Hint: My yoga practice is what set me off on this amazing journey to grow as much of my own food as possible and do my part to steward the earth through regenerative practices along the way.

Yoga & Gardening Connection

It can seem like a stretch to some that the two are directly connected, but both are key to living our healthiest self. We are not one dimensional. You cannot have a healthy body if you eat terribly, even if you workout lots. You cannot be strong and flourish as you age if you don't continue to build strength and work to keep your tissues mobile. You cannot have the energy to move your body, build strength, combat inflammation and disease without feeding your body nutritious food free from chemicals and GMO's.

Food Is Medicine

Yoga is very much intertwined with the practice of Ayurveda. This is considered to be the sister science to yoga. One of the primary beliefs in this system is that food is medicine. That we are connected to the earth and have the same elemental forces within us. By using the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda we reconnect to our natural rhythms and those of the earth and bring them back into balance. These systems are the foundation of my journey and the classes I offer.... both yoga & gardening 😉

Yoga is a dance between control and surrender - between pushing and letting go - and when to push and when to let go become part of the process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being"
- Joel Kramer, author of "The passionate mind: A manual for living creatively with one's self"

Weekly In-Person Yoga Classes

I practice and teach several different styles of yoga. Each practice brings a different energy, different opening and release in the body, and different focus for your mind. This allows you to find a practice to bring you back into balance where ever you find yourself in your day and in life.

Not sure where to start?

I would love to help guide you into the right practice for you. Send me an email by clicking this link and let’s chat!


Preeceville Location: The Missing Peace Therapy Centre at 206 Hwy Ave E, Preeceville, Sk

Canora Location: Soul Sis Wellness Studio at 112 Main St. Canora, Sk

Class Styles & Descriptions

Beginner Flow Yoga (vinyasa)

A yoga class designed to give you the foundations of yoga postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and mindfulness. You can expect a slower active flowing style of yoga but with more attention given to correct alignment and common terminology you will hear. You will leave with confidence to step into many different types of yoga classes. This is a good compliment to the all-levels Gentle Flow Yoga you will also see on the schedule. This class is perfect for a complete beginner and also a great refresher for anyone looking to deepen your existing practice.

Active Flow Yoga (vinyasa) all-levels

Traditionally called vinyasa yoga, this is taught in a playful creative yoga flow style to challenge the mind and body. You can expect a heat building practice that is designed to stretch and strengthen the body, emphasis on physical alignment and movement with breath.

This class is perfect for the yogi seeking a mental and physical challenge, the engaged athlete, or someone looking for a low impact, cardio practice to balance out other movement practices. In this class yogis will explore every aspect of opening and stabilizing the physical body, while building endurance and awareness in the body, mind, and spirit. All this class requires from you is a curious mind and a willingness to explore, whether you are new to yoga or it’s already a regular practice.

Yoga props, alignment and modification instruction will be provided to create space for each practitioner to explore.

Gentle Flow Yoga (all-levels)

Vinyasa is the traditional name used for a “yoga flow” meaning that breath and movement go hand in hand. It is a moving meditation where you can expect a slightly faster paced practice designed to build strength, endurance and awareness, while experiencing a more active release of tension and stress. This is an all levels yoga practice. Yoga props, alignment and modification instruction will be provided to create space for each practitioner to “practice your practice”. All you need is a curious mind and a willingness to explore!

Stretch & Reset (yin & restorative) all-levels

This is a delicious yoga class designed to relieve stress from the body and mind. You can expect a deep stretch component (yin yoga), accompanied by a powerful nervous system reset that a truly cozy restorative practice offers. You will learn tools to quiet the mind through meditation, breathwork in conjunction with a gentle release of stressors found within.

A large assortment of yoga props will be provided to make each practice safe, accessible and allow space for deep release. This class is great for every level of practitioner.

Deep Stretch (yin yoga) all-levels

Yin yoga is often known as the “stretch and reset” yoga. This practice will be a combination of active and passive release to allow deep exploration into your fascia, connective tissues and joints. This makes an amazing partner to any active fitness practice as a recovery tool, as well as calming and grounding the nervous system through mindfulness and breathwork practices. A large assortment of yoga props will be provided to make each practice safe, accessible and allow space for deep release. This class is great for every level of practitioner.

Chair Yoga (seniors & limited mobility)

A combination of seated and standing yoga poses using primarily a chair as our tool of support. Don’t underestimate the power of chair yoga. A portion of class will focus on building and maintaining strength and balance. Followed by a deep stretch to encourage more comfortable movement in your day to day and greater mobility to carry through life. Chairs and props will be provided. Bring your own yoga mat if you have one. If not, there are a few available for use.

Yoga Foundations 3 Class Workshop Series

Each session will build on the knowledge learned in the previous session. In this series you will learn the foundations of a yoga practice to gain the confidence to step into a variety of different yoga classes. You will learn foundations movements such as Sun Salutations, standing, seated and balancing postures. The time is given for each student to learn how proper alignment would like in your body, as well as how to use props to modify postures. We will explore breath work, meditation and basic yogic philosophy. 

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